Update 1.16

The Immortal Rift 1.16

Download new client here

– Updated chainmail textures
– Iron and steel chainmail bodies, skirts, hoods
– Black and brown chainmail helmets
– Sheep and moose leather bodies, chaps
– Updated black and brown chainmail set stats
– “Level up – click to continue” text/button now only shows in the skills menu
– Skills menu updated
– Fireball spell travel distance and appearance changed
– Cinematic camera cutscenes
– Main quest part 1 finished
– Swimming fish at river fishing spots
– New instruments: trumpet, small drum, large drum
– New water
– New skills: Thieving, swordsmanship, fencing, parrying, archery, offensive/defensive/utility magic (name to be changed)
– Removed old magic skills
– Bookshelf system
– Lockpicking system
– Fishing spots at sea now have visible swimming fish